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First day of school

​​We are looking forward to welcoming our Students back! Classes start Tuesday September 8, 2015

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Our free public charter school is filling fast, so apply today​!

Why Brooklyn Dreams Charter School?

Founded on academic excellence, moral focus, parental partnership, and student responsibility, Brooklyn Dreams Charter School is a school like no other – one that can lead to a lifetime of success. We set high standards, focus on real-world skills, problem solving, and how to be a good citizen. Our exceptional teachers meet students at their ability level and challenge them to go beyond. Our students also draft a social contract that reinforces their commitment to their school, their teacher, and each other.

"Not only is the school a safe environment for my child, but the standards enacted are of a high quality. Other families should benefit from this environment of high learning." - Brooklyn Dreams Charter School Parent
Top Reasons Parents Send Their Children To Our School: *
1 Teachers are great at communicating with parents.
2 Children receive individual attention and instruction.
3 The curriculum provides moral focus as well as academics.
* Based on actual 2013 surveys administered to parents of kids who were returning to Brooklyn Dreams Charter School

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Shahid KhanFri - Aug 28
Graduation Ceremony Brooklyn Brick - Startalk Urdu Program at Brooklyn Dreams Charter School : (L to R ) Mr. Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President, Honorable Mr. Richard Carter, Principal Brooklyn Dreams Charter School, Mr. William Shahzad, Chairman Pakistan Christian Association-USA, Mr. Ed Powell, Chairman 70 Pct Community Council, Dr. Councilman Mathieu Eugene, and Shahid Khan, Program Director Urdu Program.
Back to school reading tips What Parents Need to Know Experts say reading aloud with your child is one of the best ways you can help him/her grow into a successful reader. When you make reading a joyful, fun activity, kids will keep coming back for more. As you discover adventures between the covers of a book, you discover things about each other as well. And with every turn of the page, your child expands his or her vocabulary, comprehension, reasoning and grammar skills. To maximize the benefit your child gains from reading: Create a “Reading Ritual” by reading together every day at the same time in a special place. Cuddle with your child while reading together so your child will associate reading with a sense of security. Children learn better when they feel safe. Use silly voices and sound effects to peak your child’s interest. Follow along with your finger as you read to show how text moves from left to right. This will help your child connect to the text you are reading. Point out the pictures in the book and talk about what you see. Point out different kinds of words around you like shopping lists, store signs and labels. Ask open-ended questions about the stories you read together. Children like and need to hear favorite stories over and over. It helps them recognize and remember words and gives them confidence about reading. Let your child touch and hold the book. Ask him or her to help you turn the pages. Don’t push your child to read beyond his ability. Choose age-appropriate books and congratulate any progress he or she makes with his or her reading skills. For more information or resources please contact Mrs. Beckles
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If you would like to schedule a school tour to learn more about our academic program, Moral Focus curriculum, and school environment, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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