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Samaritan’s Feet Visits Andrew J. Brown Academy

Students from Andrew J. Brown Academy were recently visited by Samaritan’s Feet, a local non-profit that focuses on providing shoes to children in an effort to continue with the “advancement of education and economic opportunities.”

Volunteers from Samaritan’s Feet visited the school to distribute new shoes to kindergarten through fifth-grade students as part of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, which takes place every January. According to Samaritan’s Feet, “within schools in the United States, nurses report that shoes and socks are the top five items schools need you to donate.”

The event brought in nearly 50 volunteers to serve approximately 500 students. Volunteers and the founder of Samaritan’s Feet greeted the students and gave them a unique experience that included washing their feet, giving them new socks, and trying on new shoes.

The mission at Samaritan’s Feet focuses on doing everything in their power to stop the spread of life-altering diseases by washing feet, providing shoes, and encouraging individuals.

“Samaritan’s Feet has served 108 countries, 41 states, and has reached 6,887,271 people worldwide,” said James Hill, principal at Andrew J. Brown. “We are honored to be in that number!”

The pictures below include Andrew J. Brown students interacting with Samaritan’s Feet volunteers and Ms. Jasmine Ames, seventh- through eighth-grade English and language arts teacher, posing with Emmanuel “Manny” Ohonme, the Founder of Samaritan's Feet.