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Meet Principal Evans

Have you ever met someone so passionate and influential you couldn’t help but be inspired? If so, then you’ve definitely met Mr. Stephen Evans. To interact with Principal Evans is to tap into a wealth of experience, enthusiasm, and a deep sense of purpose.
Mr. Evans’ impressive teaching career began with a 14-year span leading an alternative education program in North Carolina that was the first of its kind, designed as a “separate but equal facility” to much success. This led to a variety of similar leadership and speaking opportunities, including three separate invitations to present before educational leaders from around the world at Oxford University on the topic of empowering inner-city school children and staff members.
Mr. Evan’s unique ability to identify challenges and create effective solutions also led to several roles in schools who found themselves struggling. “I’ve had the chance to teach elementary, middle, high school, community college, and university. I’ve taught in the inner city, in faith-based schools, in urban, and rural. I’ve learned that a good teacher comes equipped with multiple strategies; a genre of approaches.” In each of these scenarios, Mr. Evans has gained more nuanced expertise and left the institution better than he found it, including one particular school that was slated to be closed.
“The school was in one of the most prestigious counties in the United States, but an auditor had come in and said unless they made significant changes, it would be closed down within two years. I was pleased to come in and take over their program. Long story short, 10 years later we scored our first of three Level A ratings and received a unanimous decision to continue our program. We eliminated a half million-dollar deficit and went on to open two more schools.”
But Mr. Evans is quick to give credit where he believes it is due. “I’m the child of a single mom, I never met my dad. We even had an outhouse while I was in high school, and I’m not that old! I wouldn’t be here without what the Lord has done for me. God has given me a unique talent. Every now and then when I see these little kids, I think ‘that’s me right there.’ But someone spoke into my life. Someone reached out to me. To be in fellowship with the Lord and be allowed to work with His children is the most precious thing. I take it seriously because He doesn’t allow just anybody to do this work. I know what my purpose is, so it’s easy to get up in the morning.”
And that purpose drives everything Stephen does. “I get up at 3:30 in the morning and I’m in the gym at 4. I get back home by 5, am on the road at 6, and am working by 6:30. I’m that kind of guy. I believe in a full day’s work for a full day’s pay. I can’t wait to get to work. But I also know how to shut it down at 4 o’clock. I know how to keep a balance, work hard, but spend time with family and have fun, too.”
Other than a period of time when he played professional football, Mr. Evans has devoted his life to improving the educational system wherever he finds himself. But his family will always have his heart. “I’ve been married to my wife for 25 years and have one daughter who is 20 years old. That woman, my mama, and that little girl have brought the happiest days of my life.”