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North Saginaw Students Celebrate Advanced Students

North Saginaw Charter Academy honored 53 students who received scores of “proficient” or “advanced proficient” on last year's M-STEP. 

The students and their families were invited to an evening program where they received certificates to commemorate their success.

During the program, a short presentation explained what the M-STEP is. The parents were then given some sample questions from the test so they could see the kinds of things their children had to know to successfully complete the test.

“Students were able to voice to their parents why the test was difficult and also what they had to do to be successful,” said Mary Patillo-Dunn, principal of North Saginaw.

During the presentation, Patillo-Dunn reminded parents of the characteristics that students must possess to earn “proficient” status. For example, Patillo-Dunn shared that such students needed to maintain a strong attendance record and exhibit good behavior, moral character, grit, and more.

“The parents were all very proud and made the students feel like they had accomplished a huge feat, which they did!” said Patillo-Dunn.