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Linden Charter Recognized for Fostering Exceptional Character

One Flint-area school is beating the odds. A recent recognition highlights this and the commitment of school staff in developing students into great citizens by investing in their character development.

Linden Charter Academy was announced as an Emerging State School of Character by, who bases their selections off 11 Principles of Character which include providing students with opportunities for moral action and taking a comprehensive, intentional, and proactive approach to developing character.

A standout for Linden is that it has been a beacon of hope in the community, with staff who take pride in their efforts to help students focus on the aspiration of becoming first-generation college graduates.

The recognition means everything to Linden Principal Deonna Washington. “It's so important that Flint is represented in a positive light, and with the various trials our students face, they still come in every day with an amazing spirit and attitude.”

“Staff lives and breathes the ‘Linden Way’, which reflects our commitment to infusing Moral Focus virtues, including respect, gratitude, courage, and more, into all aspects of a child’s educational experience,” Washington added.

The college-bound mindset is instilled the minute students walk up to school, as they read words of encouragement that remind them of the importance of their education, “Your College Journey Begins Here.”

Students coming to school every day eager to learn is what makes Washington most proud. “Our kids believe that their college journey begins here at Linden. It shows in their academics, everyday language towards one another, and how they treat peers and staff members.”

Developing students doesn’t stop when students walk out the door. Linden’s goal is to not only build great students, but great citizens.

“At NHA, we are passionate about developing the whole student, heart and character included,” said Thea Reigler, NHA chief people officer. “This recognition attests to the success Linden has had in focusing on instilling character development into our students’ everyday lives.”

The heartbeat of Linden is staff that strives toward what’s in the best interest of students.

Washington shared, “I know when students walk out the door, they received the best education possible at Linden Charter Academy.”