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Johnston Charter Academy Hosts Summer Tie-Dye Party

Johnston Charter Academy recently gathered middle school students and their families for a tie-dye party.

Sixty-five scholars were in attendance, totaling to more than 120 people present. The event was a great chance for students to see their friends again.

“Parent partnership is one of our core values, and one of our greatest and proudest achievements is the sense of community and wider family we have established between school, home, and the surrounding community,” said Kerry Chisnall, principal at Johnston Charter Academy. “Hosting events for our staff, students, and their families only continues to nurture that strong sense of community that is the ‘JCA Family.’”

At the event, students tie-dyed shirts that will be accepted to wear for physical education days, ate pizza, and played on the playground and soccer field. This was Johnston’s first middle school only event for the summer and the kids had a blast. 

“It is extremely important to keep the school community engaged over the summer, especially with a new school,” said Kara Dawon, admissions representative at Johnston Charter Academy. “Middle school is a hard transition for most kids and keeping them engaged with their friends, teachers, and school plays an important role for how those years shape out.”

Grace Watkevich, sixth- and seventh-grade math teacher, and Kristen Miller, sixth- and seventh-grade language arts teacher, joined in and the kids were thrilled to see their teachers again. 

What a fun day at Johnston!