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Sixth-graders at Foundations Share Love Notes

Three sixth-grade students from Foundations Academy started a new trend, sharing inspirational messages to other students on bathroom mirrors. One simple note was placed in the girls’ bathroom that read, “write a compliment,” with extra markers, notes, and tape sitting nearby.

As students visited the bathroom throughout the day, the note encouraged them to send friendly messages to their classmates by sticking them onto the mirror. One of the three scholars was inspired to start this kindness trend after seeing a similar display in the dressing rooms at her favorite store in the mall.

“While kindness is not one of our monthly Moral Focus virtues, it is an important characteristic we encourage all Foundations Academy students to demonstrate,” said Cindy Riley, eighth-grade language arts teacher. “Kindness is especially important at the middle school level where tweens and young teens grow and develop at different rates and students are conscientious about fitting in or being different.”

The notes included messages such as:

  • “You are worth it.”
  • “You are so nice.”
  • “You are gorgeous.”
  • “You are enough.”
  • “Have an amazing day.”

Once other middle school students saw the notes, more students joined in by adding their own words of encouragement. Over the course of two days, sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students and their teachers added to the notes, so much so that they had to be moved to the wall outside the bathroom, so students could use the mirrors.

“Teachers model kindness for students and we constantly strive to recognize those who go out of their way to make others feel important,” said Riley.

What a fantastic way to spread love to one another. Way to go, Foundations!