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Foundations Academy Celebrates US History with Interactive Wax Museum

Third-grade students at Foundations Academy recently hosted an interactive wax museum that focused on historical figures from the United States. During this project, third-graders were instructed to research a historical figure who made a positive contribution to society and use their research to write a biography on the figures.

Following the research phase, each student planned, drafted, edited, and published their biography. They also created a poster to visually display their research in addition to creating a monologue and costume for their figure. During the interactive presentation, students dressed in their costume and presented their monologue for the school and visitors.

“This project is essential in helping students develop a thirst for learning about new people and topics,” said Amber Piltz, third-grade teacher at Foundations Academy. “Learning the art of public speaking at an early age is also a plus and sets a foundation for the future!”

Students were instructed to select a historical figure who had a positive impact on society, such as Abraham Lincoln, Betsy Ross, Stephan Hawking, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and Jackie Robinson.

This is the eighth year that Foundations has presented the interactive wax museum. “We enjoy seeing our students light up as they make connections to the world around them,” said Piltz.