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Fortis Academy Feeds Frontline Workers to Demonstrate Compassion

Throughout April, National Heritage Academies (NHA) schools concentrate on teaching compassion, the Moral Focus virtue of the month, and Fortis Academy stepped forward to do their part for their community. Staff members came together to donate food to essential workers in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Saint Joseph Mercy Health System (St. Joe’s). 

The school came together to bring a meal to more than 50 dedicated individuals who are working tirelessly to fight Covid-19. The nurses, doctors, and technicians at St. Joe’s were able to take a break during their shift to enjoy some comfort food, including pizza, salad, and breadsticks from Jet’s Pizza.


“We were looking for an opportunity to support our frontline workers and a member of one of our longtime Fortis families works in the ICU at St. Joe’s,” said Erin Dixon, principal at Fortis Academy. “Although she was one of the workers we were looking to treat, she was so excited to help and was vital in making this happen as well.”

To remain in alignment with the various protective restrictions in place at the hospital, Fortis turned to the longtime Fortis parent who works at St. Joe’s to do a curbside food pickup and deliver the special donation.

“This was a small way that we could support those showing compassion on a daily basis to strangers who needed love and support while in the hospital,” said Dixon. “In many circumstances, the hospital workers are the only contact that patients have while sick, and these workers go out of their way to comfort and take care of them. Their compassion, selflessness, and encouragement to others exemplifies what we strive to teach our scholars at Fortis Academy.”


Following the food donation, Fortis has since received several thank you messages, and the St. Joe’s staff shared pictures of how happy it made their team. “The staff was so thankful for the food delivery,” said Dixon.

In addition to the generous donation to its local community, Fortis has been focusing on demonstrating the compassion Moral Focus virtue within their virtual classrooms. Teachers have been very intentional about making connections during the closure by contacting every student, each week.


“Our staff is doing an amazing job personally connecting with every scholar every week!” shared Dixon. “They have mailed letters and postcards, made numerous phone calls, held Google Meets with classes of kids, and working as a cohesive team to meet students’ needs remotely.”

Great work bringing the Moral Focus virtue to the frontlines, Fortis!