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Walker Offers Skills-Based Activities at Math and Reading Event

Young 5s- through second-grade students and families recently gathered at Walker Charter Academy (WCA) to attend a Make-and-Take Math and Reading event.

This is the second year Walker has held this event. Families were provided with the materials to create several hands-on games for practicing reading and math skills. Students were able to choose from variations to ensure students were playing based on their skill level.

“It’s so important to support students in the practicing of math facts and high-frequency words because it allows students to build fluency in these areas which are building blocks to all other math and reading skills,” said Hillarie Huskins, academic specialist at WCA.

Students were also gifted a new book to take home, as well as numerous resources for reviewing math and reading. Finally, students enjoyed reading a recipe to make a yummy snack.

Some of the handouts families received included:

  • Power Towers: This activity required attendees to correctly read a word or solve a math problem in order to build a pyramid with dixie cups.
  • Kaboom!: This activity had students and families choose a stick from a cup, which had a word or math fact on it. If they answered correctly, they kept the stick.
  • Go Fish/Memory.
  • BINGO.
  • ZAP!​​​​​​​

Huskins shared that families were very positive about the activities and enjoyed working together as a family to make and play the games.