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A School Your Child Deserves

Why Did You Choose Rolesville?

Leadership, teachers, and parents choose Rolesville for its focus on education and location, but one important reason shines through: it feels like home. From the love the staff feels for the students and the drive they have to help them along on their educational journey, this school is a great place to be.

Rolesville is a Destination School

Stacie Darden wants the best for her son. After a not-so-great experience at another school, she decided to try Rolesville Charter Academy. Now, they drive 40 minutes to school every morning and her son is thriving. Hear what Stacie has to say about RCA and the difference the school is making in their lives.

Moral Focus is a Magnet For Parents

School shouldn’t just be about math, science, and English. Kids should learn the traits necessary to excel in the world. Rolesville Charter Academy students learn about nine Moral Focus virtues throughout the year. Find out what those virtues are and how strongly students, staff, and families at RCA feel about adding them to their daily education.

A Diverse Experience

Parents looking for diversity found it at Rolesville. People are important at our school, and individuality is embraced as we work to provide our scholars an early look into what the world offers. Whatever your background or culture, you are welcome at RCA.

A Place for Exceptional Children

Rolesville Special Education Teacher Kendra Brownson talks about the love she has for exceptional children and why they’re so important to the school. These kids are Kendra’s world, and her love for them shines through in her instruction daily.

Teachers and Deans Share a Special Bond

The deans at Rolesville work to support both teachers and students, and everyone excels when they’re in the classroom. These aren’t vice principals, they’re extra teachers, emotional supporters, professional development instructors, an extra ear for students who need a moment, and they’re at RCA to support the education of all scholars.

Our School Motto Says it All

A school motto can say many things, but at Rolesville Charter Academy, our motto confirms our commitment to you and your child: You are safe, you are loved, you are home.

Is it Time to Switch Schools?

Whether you’re a teacher who is ready for a change or a parent looking for a better fit for your child, Rolesville should be your new school. Diversity, culture, Moral Focus – there are plenty of reasons.

We Build Relationships With Students

Rolesville Charter Academy students and staff members know that interacting in positive ways produces positive results. The relationships between students and staff are built on mutual trust and a desire to continue Rolesville’s excellent reputation.

Where Do Rolesville Teachers Send Their Kids?

Beth Miller removed her son from a traditional public school because he wasn’t getting the help he needed. After enrolling him at Rolesville Charter Academy, where she teaches, he has thrived and is now in honors classes.

Favorite Times at Rolesville Charter Academy

There are many fun things happening at Rolesville. A middle school math teacher has his own son in his class, and an elementary school student feels like a rock star when she interacts with a classmate’s younger brother. Favorite times are about relationships at RCA.

The Rolesville Student Creed

Our student creed focuses on the responsibility students take for their own education. It’s about academic excellence, moral character and preparing for the future. Hear it from the voices of our scholars.