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We are operating in a fully remote learning environment, which focuses on learning from home while still receiving personalized instruction from our teachers. Have virtual learning questions, like how to log in to your Chromebook? Check out the Virtual Learning Hub.

Here's What to Expect When Applying

Who can apply?

As a public school, we invite applications from all children who meet age and residency criteria. For specific questions on the school's age and residency requirements, please call Riverton Street Charter School.

When do I apply?

We want every child to have an equal opportunity to attend our school. All applications received during Open Enrollment will be given equal consideration after the closing date through a lottery. See the Terms and Conditions page for specific dates of Open Enrollment.

You can also apply after the Open Enrollment period. However, your application will only be considered in the order in which it was received, after all previous applications have been processed.

Not ready to apply yet?

Do you have more questions? Would you like to take a tour? Please provide your name and email address, and we will get in touch with you soon!

How are students selected?

When the Open Enrollment period ends, we compare the number of applications we received to the number of available seats in each grade level.
If more seats are available than applicants, we accept all eligible children who applied during Open Enrollment. 

If we have fewer seats available than applicants, a lottery will take place to determine which students get a seat and which students are placed on the waiting list. Preferences vary by school and will be granted accordingly during the lottery process.
Children who apply after Open Enrollment closes are processed in the order their applications are received and are placed on the appropriate list - accepted or waiting list.
If your child is on the waiting list, don’t be discouraged! Often, seats open up throughout the summer. We will continue to send you school information if your child is on the waiting list.

What if I have more than one student?

We want to accommodate families with more than one eligible child, so we give preference to siblings of children who are already enrolled in the school. The eligible sibling will be given the first available seat, or placed on the waiting list with sibling preference, over children who have no enrolled siblings. At our schools in all states, except North Carolina and Ohio, we also grant preference to children whose sibling has been offered a seat to the school (accepted).

Children who share at least one common parent or legal guardian and live in the same household at least 50% of the time are eligible for sibling preference.

What's next after my student is accepted?

If accepted, we will send you a package containing forms that will need to be completed by a certain date, as well as a link to create a Parent Portal account. Many forms can be completed online.

Important paperwork needed to enroll:

  • Admissions Form*
  • ​Official Release of Records*
  • ​Proof of Residency (except schools in Michigan and Andrew J. Brown Academy). See terms and conditions for a full listing of acceptable proof of residency documents.
  • Student Residency Questionnaire*
  • ​Home Language Questionnaire*
  • ​Original Birth Certificate
  • ​Most Recent Immunization Records
  • ​Emergency Contact Information*
  • Directory and Photo/Video Authorization*
  • Lunch Forms*
  • Parent Volunteer Form (optional)*
  • Medication Administration Form (only children with medications
*Forms that can be completed online

Additional paperwork may also be requested, depending on the school in which your child has been accepted. This paperwork can include:

  • Work Survey (Indiana only)
  • Parent Occupational Survey (Georgia only)
  • Vision Screening (Michigan Young fives/kindergarten only)
  • ATS Kindergarten Registration Form (New York City only)
  • Health Assessment & Annual Health Form (North Carolina only)

Apply Now

We can't wait to share in your child's journey! Apply online, in person or over the phone, and don't hesitate to ask questions along the way. We are here for you!

Apply Now