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Riverton Student Government Officers Pledge to Uphold Tradition of Excellence

Students at Riverton Street Charter School were recently sworn in to serve as officers for the school’s student government. Students are responsible for assessing the needs and demands of other students, suggesting policies for the school, and helping to launch service programs, such as a food drive for the needy, or after school tutoring. 

“The purpose of student government at the middle school level is to provide motivated students first-hand experience with the elective process,” said Craig Bruning, seventh-grade social studies teacher at Riverton. “They must run for office and the decision-making process as it affects their constituency: their fellow classmates.”

At Riverton, scholars typically take part in student government activities over the course of the school year and meet at least once per month. This is the third year Riverton has had a student government. There are five student government officers and two representatives from each of the four middle school homerooms.

The student officers were honored at an inauguration assembly in front of parents, faculty, administrators, and staff. The new officers promised to carry out their duties with enthusiasm, integrity, and purpose.

“The student government gives the student body an outlet to voice concerns and to instill the importance of democratic principles for the scholars,” said Bruning. “There are ample opportunities to link Riverton’s student government to the curriculum, especially when covering topics such as the American Revolution, the formation of the new government, and the Constitution.”

Student President Oke Okrokoto and Vice President Caleb Thompson told an appreciative audience that officers were eager to get to work and welcomed the challenge. Student government leaders said they expected classmates to hold them accountable throughout the year, but urged students to do their part in keeping Riverton a school that maintains the highest standards of excellence.

“It is a great opportunity to link the student government to important current events stories, like election campaigns and their platforms,” said Bruning.

Pictured gathering after the swearing-in ceremonies from left to right: Mr. Charlot, leadership teacher, Caleb Thompson, Student Government vice president, Obinna Ude, treasurer, Mackenzie Wilkinson, secretary, Oke Okrokoto, president, Mrs. Victor, middle school social studies department leader, and Regina Barnes, assistant secretary.