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‘Twosday’ Activities Abound for Palindrome-Loving Schools on 2/22/22

Plymouth Scholars (Michigan)
Many schools got into the spirit for 2/22/22, but none more than Plymouth Scholars Charter Academy in Michigan. The school celebrated their ‘Twosday’ in a variety of ways, including dressing up, fun foods, and an event to get their bodies moving.
 Students holding up twos

“Plymouth Scholars had a blast on 2/22/22,” Plymouth Upper Elementary Dean Jamie Garner said. “We had twin, ties, or tutus day, second grade had a TWO party, the staff had Taco Tuesday, double mint gum, and Twix bars.”
Special crowns were created for classes to color and design while some students chose to dress up together as members of their favorite hockey teams or Pokemon characters. Some 2nd grade students had shirts that read “I’m in 2nd grade on Twosday, 2/22/22.”
 Two friends smiling

To close out the event, the whole school had a dance party at 2:22 p.m. that lasted for two minutes and 22 seconds.
Endeavor (Michigan)
Celebrations were happening at Endeavor Charter Academy as well, but they added an element to the fun: a canned food drive.
Students were encouraged to bring in two cans of food to be donated to the local food bank. More than 500 cans were collected.
 students sitting on stairs

There’s plenty of time to prepare for the next Twosday palindrome, which will happen in 400 years, in 2422.