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Forsyth Academy Celebrates National Grandparents Day

In honor of National Grandparents Day, Sept. 8, Forsyth Academy (FA) and Winterville Charter Academy (WCA) held Grandparents Day events to celebrate.

President Jimmy Carter signed a 1978 proclamation designating the first Sunday after Labor Day as "National Grandparents Day.” The day is in place to honor the love grandparents can provide.

One hundred and fifty people gathered at FA’s luncheon to honor grandparents in their school community. The Parent Falcon Voice group made and served spaghetti, salad, bread, and brownies.

“Events like this are valuable to our school community because culture is very important to a new school year here at Forsyth Academy,” said Christy Harnsberger, lower elementary dean.

WCA also held an event to celebrate National Grandparents Day. Nearly 100 students and grandparents gathered for a Grandparents Breakfast, which included an assortment of beverages from coffee to orange juice, along with pastries, breakfast bars, mini muffins, and Dunkin Donuts.

“Our community is very family oriented,” said Asiya Khaatoon, admissions coordinator at WCA. “They love any event that welcomes all family members and encourages the opportunity to meet other people and make new friends at the school.”