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We are operating in a fully remote learning environment, which focuses on learning from home while still receiving personalized instruction from our teachers. Have virtual learning questions, like how to log in to your Chromebook? Check out the Virtual Learning Hub

Virtual Learning Resources

Getting Started with a Chromebook

Loginging into Clever

With Clever, students have a personalized portal with a single login for all of their online programs and resources.

Login to a Chromebook through Clever Student Portal

Login to Chromebook with Clever Badges


Online Learning Tools

Students will access several online learning tools to receive instruction and turn in assignments.

Online Learning Tools for Families

How to use Online Learning Tools


Virtual Learning Hub

Find answers to your virtual learning questions.

Virtual Learning Hub


NHA Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a personalized, secure app where you will find your child’s grades, forms, attendance, lunch balance, and more.

  • Stay up-to-date with your child’s academics and attendance
  • Communicate with your child’s teachers and other school staff
  • Complete school forms quickly and easily