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Capstone Academy - One School Changes Everything

Personalized Teaching

Whether your child would benefit from personalized instruction or thrive under an advanced learning program, Capstone Academy has the resources and experience to satisfy all needs.

NHA Personalized Teaching

Measuring Success

At Capstone Academy, we're here to help children grow and succeed. We answer the important question "are students learning" by measuring student success in a number of ways. This gives our principal, deans, and teachers information they can turn into action.

NHA Academics

Hear From Students & Parents

We value relationships with our families. Both students and parents are welcome at our school, and we are excited to partner with parents to give their children the best chance at succeeding.

Meet an NHA Family

A Look Inside an NHA School

If you're wondering what to expect our building to look like, here is a look inside a completed NHA school.