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Landmark Academy Clears Classrooms to Donate Supplies to Local First Responders

Schools, businesses, and individuals from across the United States have been joining forces over the past several weeks to help to combat the effects of Covid-19, and Landmark Academy at Reunion is among those who eagerly answered that call.

At the beginning of every school year, families and staff members from the school community donate supplies to have inside classrooms throughout the school. Items including daily cleaning supplies like disinfecting sprays and wipes, and sanitary products like soaps and hand sanitizers. While these products are vital in the classroom during normal times, school leaders decided there are organizations throughout the community whose need for these products is currently stronger than their own.


“All donated items were from the school, but we wanted to get them in the hands of those who needed them right now,” said Shondel Johnson, admissions representative for Landmark Academy. “We were motivated by living out our Moral Focus virtue of compassion to do our part to take care of the first responders who are courageously helping our community.”

Jenna Reeves, lower elementary dean at Landmark, became the driving force to ensure the school had the ability to have a positive impact on the Commerce City community. She worked alongside a Landmark parent who works as a first responder and began gathering the unused supplies throughout the school to donate to area first responders.


“At Landmark, we strive to live out our Moral Focus virtues and model that for our community, said Reeves. “Recognizing the sanitizing supply needs for first responders who are working tirelessly to take care of our community, we knew we could do our part to help by getting crucial supplies into their hands.”

With the help of various staff members and several parents, the pair was able to come up with a trunk-load full of essential supplies and deliver them to local fire stations, police stations, and EMS Ambulance services including, The Commerce City Police Department (CCPD), Brighton Police Department, Platte Valley Ambulance,  South Adams County Fire Department, and Northglenn Ambulance.


“She said the police are so appreciative,” said Johnson. “They don't have access to cleaning supplies like EMS does and she said the police sergeant for CCPD cried when they received the donation.”