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About Us

​​Emerson Academy is a free public charter school serving kindergarten through 8th grades. Our exceptional education means seats are filling fast, so apply today​!

Why Emerson Academy?

Founded on academic excellence, moral focus, parental partnership, and student responsibility, Emerson Academy is a school like no other – one that can lead to a lifetime of success. We set high standards, make expectations clear, and provide a safe and emotionally secure learning environment. In addition, we focus on real-world skills, problem solving, and how to be a good citizen. Our exceptional teachers meet students at their ability level and challenge them to go beyond. Our students also draft a social contract that reinforces their commitment to their school, their teacher, and each other.

"My child is excelling at Emerson academy. His education is catered to his abilities and he is able to work at an accelerated rate that fits his academic abilities. " - Emerson Academy Parent
Top Reasons Parents Send Their Children To Our School: *
1 School safety is a top priority.
2 Children receive individual attention and instruction.
3 The curriculum provides moral focus as well as academics.
* Based on actual 2013 surveys administered to parents of kids who were returning to Emerson Academy

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Emerson Academy of Dayton with one of the highest rated and ranked K Programs in Dayton, welcomes and invites all preschools and daycares to come in and visit our outstanding K Program to help get their students enrolled, oriented and ready for Kindergarten in the fall of 2015. Emerson produces a 140 percent annual academic growth rate for its K students and is one of the highest rated programs in the area according to the Ohio Department of Education. Your preschoolers, teachers and parents will have a great time visiting Emerson and seeing everything that our K Classes do first-hand, including art, physical education, technology and music, in addition to our tuition-free college prep curriculum. We will have free gift bags for all visiting preschoolers with all of our latest school information and a few surprise gifts that are sure to delight your students. To arrange and schedule a visit that fits your schedule at your daycare or preschool, please call our Student Recruitment Specialist Jim Pierce any time at 219-3471 or via e-mail at We really look forward to your visit this spring as we are quickly filling our few available K seats for August , after having a waiting list this current school year. Thank you very much for your interest in becoming the newest member of our Emerson Aviator Family.


Emerson students between the ages of 7 and 14 are invited and encouraged to participate along with students from all other area schools in a Pitch, Hit and Run Event sponsored by Emerson Academy's highly valued community partner, the YMCA. Check in for the competition is 11 a.m., this Saturday, April 4th at Madison Park, 301 South Broadway Street. If these and other unique academic, athletic and cultural opportunities are the types of activities you want your children to be involved with submit your free application online to attend our top rated Emerson Academy of Dayton, where we expertly prepare all K-8 students to succeed in both high school and college. To secure for your student "a private school education without any of the private school costs" make application today and/or call us to arrange for your personal tour of our campus. Thank you for becoming the newest member of the Emerson Academy of Dayton Aviator Family today!

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