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Instruments, basketball and book

Programs & Activities

Learning is a lifelong process that extends beyond the walls of the classroom. At Summit Creek Academy, students can explore their interests, learn new skills and make new friends through a variety of extracurricular activities.

Check back here for updates soon on exciting programs and activities that will be offered at Summit Creek.

Student using computer


At Summit Creek, we embrace the use of technology to enhance learning. Students may also use tablets during workshops to practice subject-area skills.

Student art projects


Along with academics, our scholars will also be exposed to the arts and more. We plan to offer art, music, technology, and physical education classes each week.


Kids' Shows That Consistently Communicate a Positive Message

While you can depend on educational programming to help your child develop good socialization and learning skills, it’s great when you can find shows that also help them learn empathy, good morals, and become more aware of other cultures and the world around them. Check out this short list of options recommended by age.
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