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NHA Logo Windemere Park Charter Academy 3100 W. Saginaw Street Lansing, MI 48917
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President: Emily Carney


Treasurer: Andrew Kilpatrick

Secretary: Andrew Kilpatrick​

Director: Randy Umfleet

Director: Merritta Hunt-Proctor

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Our Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated civic and community leaders who volunteer their time and energy to help ensure that Windemere Park Charter Academy is challenging each child to achieve.


Charter Contract:

SD - Charter Contract - WINDEMERE PARK 

CHARTER ACADEMY - 08-24-2009 - 06-30-2016.pdfWindemere Park


Service Provider Agreement:

Management Agreement - WINDEMERE PARK 

CHARTER ACADEMY - 07-01-1999 - 06-30-2016 -.pdfWindemere Park


Board Policies:

 Windemere Park Board Policies.pdfWindemere Park Board Policies.pdf


Board Calendar:

The Board Calendar is subject to change. Please check with our office staff to confirm dates and times.

 Windemere Park 2017-2018 Board Calendar Approved.pdfWindemere Park 2017-2018 Board Calendar Approved.pdf


Board Meeting Notices:

Notices of any special or rescheduled Board meetings.

Windemere Park Notice of Posting 11-16-17 Rescheduled to 11-6-17.pdfWindemere Park Notice of Posting 11-16-17 Rescheduled to 11-6-17.pdf


Board Meeting Minutes

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