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Willow Math Students Enjoy Competition, Board Games that Test Their Skills

Upper elementary students are excited about math at Willow Charter Academy. Led by Fifth-Grade Math Teacher Olivia Green, students competed in math-based board games and a quiz bowl.
 students doing math

Game participants played Monopoly-like games they created where they needed to earn their spaces on the board by answering questions and performing math challenges. Students created themes like earning money for car shopping and sports-related games.
 Willow quiz bowl

“Students also competed in a Math Bowl, where the focus was on students' knowledge of multiplication facts,” Upper Elementary Dean Tremaine Mitchell said. “A video the team put together captures the excitement from that day.”
 three girls playing board games

Students were put into groups to compete in the Math Bowl, where they first were presented with a timed math quiz. Those not competing at the time screamed and cheered for their favorite participant and cheered wildly when the final round was completed.
That’s a great math atmosphere!

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