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Faculty & Staff

To speak with a team member, please call our main office at (313) 778-7990 

To e-mail directly, use this format: First initial and last name [at]

The Principal is the school’s Title VI, Title IX, and Section 504 Coordinator and can be contacted at the number listed above. Additional information is provided in the Parent-Student Handbook.




Aquan GrantPrincipal
Kurtis DollisonAssistant Principal
Valerie WilliamsOffice Administrator
David MannAthletic Director
Jaime GoetzIntervention & Special Education Supervisor

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Faculty & Support Staff


Danielle CarlsonSpanish
Stephanie DeMarcoScience
Kurtis DollisonMathematics
Rakeena Hammou-TahraSocial Studies
Samantha LynchScience
Erin PeruskiSpecial Education;
Academic Specialist
Teionna RegisterEnglish
Tyler SouleEnglish
Bradley StalderMathematics
Christopher TolenEnglish
Craig TurnerSocial Studies
Britta VoorhaarArt; On-site Facilitator
Quintele WoodsSpecial Education

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