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Press Release-More Than A Survivor


Contact: Katie Baker


PONTIAC, Mich., Oct. 24, 2013— June 4, 2009 will forever be the day that Anya Carr’s life changed. Instead of enjoying leftover birthday cake, Anya Carr heard the words no one wants to hear. You have cancer.

The math teacher from Walton Charter Academy was diagnosed with breast cancer. With the help of her husband, two sons, and students and staff at Walton, Carr beat cancer and now wants to bring awareness for breast cancer research to her students.

“Throughout my treatment I learned to enjoy everything and everyone around me,” said Carr. “Now that I have been through that, I want to help those people who are going through exactly what I went through.”

During the months of chemotherapy, Carr says she not only received the support of her husband Ray and two sons Stephan and Malik, but her extended family at Walton Charter Academy.

“Chemotherapy became a family affair,” said Carr. “During treatment my husband and sons would sit with me and read me the cards and letters from students and staff at Walton. They kept the cards and well wishes coming during my entire treatment time.”

 Now with treatment behind her, the former college athlete has more time to stay active and enjoy simple activities.

“I was a former basketball player at Oakland University, so I still love to play the game with my sons,” Carr said. “If I am not playing basketball I love to walk, jog, dance, and roller skate. Any time I can exercise I enjoy it.” 

 Walton Charter Academy staff and students are showing their support for breast cancer awareness and survivors like Mrs. Carr by hosting a pink day on October 28. All staff and students who choose to wear pink will donate a $1 and all funds raised will go to support the McLaren Oakland Foundation. The foundation provides uninsured women and families with free mammogram and health-services.

 “I am so happy Walton staff and students are participating in a pink day.  It is important to me to give back and help others. It is inspiring to see our entire school come together and make it important to them too,” Carr said.

With cancer in the past, Mrs. Carr has fully stepped back into the classroom and continues to teach and mentor 7th and 8th grade students at Walton.

 "Anya Carr is an example of our moral focus virtues personified,” said Amy Ebling, principal at Walton Charter Academy. “She is a fighter who exemplifies perseverance and determination. She is a survivor who exemplifies courage and a story of hope.  She is an inspiration for her students and her colleagues as to how your attitude and spirit can conquer any challenge life hands you."

Anya Carr wears many hats, that of a wife, mother, daughter, teacher, co-worker, friend, and athlete, all which prove she’s certainly more than just a survivor.



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