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Código de Vestimenta

Un código de vestimenta flexible y efectivo en costo se ha establecido en nuestra escuela para promover el éxito académico y al mismo tiempo reducir las distracciones y competencia. Si requiere asistencia para comprar uniformes, por favor llame a la escuela.

Por favor refiérase al Manual para padres y estudiantes para la política completa del código de vestimenta.

Si bien es posible que parte de la información a continuación no esté disponible en español en este momento, con gusto lo ayudaremos por teléfono si es posible. Por favor contáctenos para asistencia: (315) 476-3019

Comprar uniformes


Bright green, royal blue, navy blue, or white polo shirts

White dress shirts optional with tie

Hats, Shoes & Accessories

  • Hats, caps, bandanas, hair rollers/curlers, combs, plastic hair bags or nets, sweat bands and skull caps are not permitted
  • Sweaters and jackets must match the dress code - They may not have hoods
  • Cold weather attire may include sweaters or vests that are solid navy - All cold weather attire must be free of any designs or writing (stripes, wording, etc.)
  • No jackets, hoodies, or vests are permitted to be worn after the child has arrived in his/her classroom
  • Shoes must be brown or black
    • Sneakers may be worn throughout the day by students in K–1 only when they have P.E. that day
    • Students in grades 2–8 must bring their sneakers to school and only wear them just prior to and after P.E. After P.E. they must change back into their dress shoes
  • Slippers, flip-flops, sweater shoes, Crocs, steel-toed boots or shoes, or other footwear that could be a safety hazard are prohibited



Navy blue pleated or flat front pants (cotton, canvas, corduroy, linen, polyester, or twill)
Girls in K-5 may wear solid navy blue skirts and jumpers that are at least knee length
Navy blue knee length or longer shorts may be worn on warm weather days in September, October, and after Spring Break through the end of the school year (no cargo or jean shorts are permitted)



Pants must be full length and fastened at the waist; sagging pants are not permitted.
Pants with loops require belts.
Leotards are not permitted under shorts or skirts.
Blue jeans, sweatpants, cargo, crop pants, and low-cut and/or low-rise pants are not permitted.



  • Insignia on outerwear not related to school or to Southside is not permitted
  • Revealing or provocative clothing is not permitted
  • Attire that may be considered weapons (e.g. chair belts, wallet chains, etc.) are not permitted
  • Chains and body piercing ornaments are prohibited
  • Males may not wear earrings, and females may wear two (2) small earrings per ear - Earrings should be no larger than a quarter
  • Any jewelry or similar artifact that is obscene or distracting may not be worn
  • Necklaces, dog tags, and keys must be worn inside the shirt or sweater.
  • Tattoos must be covered
  • Sneakers with roller skates attached are not permitted

Uniform Info Packet 2019-20

Hair & Hygiene

  • Hair and facial hair must be neatly groomed
  • Radical or distracting hair styles or color are not permitted
The personal grooming of students should be in accord with the standards set by the uniform dress code.
Students should be clean and neat when at school.