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PRESS RELEASE Student Signs Up for More Homework by Competing in Science Olympiad and MATHCOUNTS



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CANTON, Mich., Thursday, March 13, 2014—Students in South Canton Scholars Charter Academy’s Science Olympiad will compete in regionals on Saturday, March 15, at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.  
Each student on the fifteen member team will work on three fields of science ranging from chemistry to mechanical engineering. Eighth-grade student Amaan Rahman is looking forward to the opportunity to compete in his events which include building a self-propelled wheeled vehicle, studying a solar system, and studying anatomy. 
“I received two awards at my first tournament and it was incredibly exciting!” Rahman said. “I work on my science events in a small team of two, but each of the 23 events counts toward our total Science Olympiad school standing so you really feel the team spirit.” 
This is Rahman’s second year participating in Science Olympiad, which is team oriented, but he also challenges himself individually by participating in South Canton’s MATHCOUNTS team as well. MATHCOUNTS is a national middle school competitive mathematics program. 
“MATHCOUNTS makes me think numerically at a completely different level versus my regular math class. The homework can sometimes be time-consuming given the amount of other school work I have, but overall it has been a good experience the last two years,” he said. 
Parent volunteer coach Surjeet Gill said the goal of the program is to create awareness about mathematics and teach students to apply what they have learned to solve challenging problems and at the same time develop independent thinking. 
“It has been very eye-opening for students to participate in competitions like MATHCOUNTS,” Gill said. “I want students to succeed, grow, and achieve above and beyond by learning these mathematics skills.” 
Rahman is not the only student participating in both after school clubs; four other students are challenging themselves in both fields of study as well. With so much interest in science and math, it’s no wonder Rahman has a lot of ideas about what career path he may follow

“My grandpa was a surgeon so medicine looks interesting. I like studying foreign languages and traveling. I love public speaking and enjoy making presentations. I am also really into sports. I play competitive soccer and I am a certified soccer referee, so sport’s business is also interesting to me,” said Rahman.

South Canton Scholars Charter Academy is a free public charter school serving students in grades kindergarten through eighth.


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