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South Pointe Student Artwork on Display at Local Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s grocery store in Ann Arbor has a beautiful artwork display from students at South Pointe Scholars Charter Academy. Trader Joe’s works with different schools around the area monthly to showcase student work.
“They reached out asking if I would like to showcase student work during January,” K-8 Art Teacher Amelia Hissong said. “This is my first year teaching at South Pointe, but my seventh year teaching art, and I had participated in their displays several times over the years. The students at South Pointe Scholars do wonderful work in art class; they are excited to engage in the exploration of materials and techniques, and in their own creative capabilities. As their new art teacher, I couldn’t feel more grateful and proud to work with them, so I was thrilled to be able to display some of the art they had been working on.”
 Amelia Hissong smiling.

Kindergarten and first graders created mixed media watercolor pieces inspired by the classic children’s book “The Snowy Day,” by Ezra Jack Keats. The students were encouraged to incorporate visual elements that helped tell a story and learned a variety of watercolor techniques.
Second and third graders learned about value, and how to make a two-dimensional shape look like a three-dimensional form through shading and blending techniques. They used this knowledge to draw Snowpeople.
Fourth and fifth graders created mixed media winter landscapes. This covered concepts such as implied texture, watercolor techniques, collage, and characteristics of landscapes such as horizon lines and perspective.
Middle school students created radially symmetrical bas-relief sculptures. Their snowflake inspired bas-relief sculptures are comprised of many thoughtfully arranged origami folds.
 Student art of Winter.

“The students feel proud to have their work displayed in a public setting,” Hissong said. “A couple families have already gone to see the artwork. One parent reached out to share that the employee at the register rang a celebratory bell, offered candy, and then offered a bag of apples when the parent said they don’t eat much candy! When I visited the display to take photos, several employees and customers were eager to tell me what a wonderful job the students did. Their art brings joy to many people, and I hope that makes them feel proud!”
Hissong continued, “It’s so important to encourage children’s creativity, whether it be visual art, music, dance, or any other form of creative expression. If I had the time and resources to display every piece of every student’s artwork, I would! Whether it is displayed in a public setting, on a bulletin board at school, or on their fridge at home, it feels good to see your artwork elevated and given regard and respect. It helps show children that their creativity matters and encourages them to foster positive and confident relationships with that very unique and important part of themselves.”
The students’ art display is at the Ann Arbor Trader Joe’s located at 2398 E. Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor, MI 48104. If you are in the neighborhood, stop in to check it out!

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