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Why apply to our school?

​We’re so glad you’re here.

Welcome to a whole new way of helping kids achieve. Our mission is to give your children an education that propels them not only to high school and college but to an entire lifetime of success. Discover a school environment that’s achieving excellence, one child at a time. Click on the videos below to learn more about us.

Welcome to our school!



Enrolling your child is easy.



It all starts in kindergarten!



The middle school path of success.



Quality time with your child on the way to school.


We have high expectations for your child and you! 


Our Approach


Set High Standards & Make Expectations Clear

Our belief is simple: Set high standards, make expectations clear, provide meaningful instruction, and watch children excel. Every student is given the tools for success—in and out of the classroom. With a commitment to hard work, good citizenship, and personal responsibility, our students experience a safe, secure learning environment where achievement thrives.


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