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3rd - 5th Grade

Teachers build on basic skills students learned in earlier grades to help students apply higher-level thinking to all subjects. Improved reading comprehension opens doors to a deeper understanding of ideas, topics and events. Socially, children begin to internalize values like respect and cooperation, and learn more personal responsibility. Most importantly, students build the skills they need to succeed in middle school.

Remote Learning


Regent Park's Technology class curriculum can be accessed through an online platform called EasyTech, provided by This curriculum engages our K-8 scholars as they learn keyboarding, online safety, applied productivity tools, computational thinking, digital literacy skills, coding and more.  

Please encourage your scholar to continue using this awesome educational platform during their daily remote learning time.  The app is located at the bottom of the Clever login page once the sundent logs in.  Students can access Clever here. Student data is automatically saved through their Clever sign-in.  If you have questions, please email:


English Language Arts

English Language Arts

English Language Arts

Learning to read becomes reading to learn. As fluency and comprehension improve, students learn to make inferences and draw conclusions. Children write more complex stories, essays and poetry. Improving their speaking skills, children present reports and narratives in small group and classroom settings. Our teachers use tools like Reading Street © to support instruction in line with state standards.




Children strengthen multiplication, division and fraction skills. They learn place value for large numbers, and decimals. Teachers expand geometry skills through the study of more complex two and three- dimensional states. Preparing for algebra, students graph data and evaluate expressions. As they progress, students learn to select the right strategy to solve real-world math problems.




Children study more complex human and animal systems. In Earth science, children study forces that act on the Earth, like erosion, rock formation and the hydrosphere. In Physics, they build an understanding of matter and energy. They explore the properties of waves, like sound, light and color. Children begin to connect concepts to real-life applications in technology, mechanics and engineering.

Social Studies

Social Studies

Social Studies

Children study the values and principles of American democracy, and their responsibilities as citizens. They learn about the structures and functions of government, economics, and human systems. In Geography, students explore countries and continents. History focuses on the birth of the United States. Studying the life of indigenous and colonial people, students learn about exploration, colonization, slavery, and the American revolution.




Children study art, music, physical education and technology.

Somos más que lo académico

Corazones y mentes fuertes impactan al mundo de maneras sorprendentes. Virtudes como el respeto, la perseverancia, la compasión y el valor son esenciales  para lo que los niños necesitan para ser exitosos y una parte esencial de lo que enseñamos. Las hacemos parte de todos los días escolares. Esto ayuda a que los estudiantes aprendan la importancia de tomar buenas decisiones y hacer lo correcto en la vida. El enfoque moral está tan integrado en todo lo que hacemos que…

  • Hemos creado un currículo específicamente con el enfoque moral en cuenta.
  • Celebramos “la virtud del mes” todos los meses.
  • Nuestros estudiantes crean un contrato para su clase donde se ponen de acuerdo sobre como tratar a su maestro y a ellos mismos.
  • Los estudiantes son reconocidos y celebrados por como viven el enfoque moral todos los días.


¡El plan de estudios de enfoque moral es increíble! Mis hijos están aprendiendo cosas que estamos tratando de enseñarles en casa. Estas enseñanzas están siendo reforzadas aquí en la escuela de maneras divertidas y creativas.

Virtudes Mensuales

Insignia de Sabiduría


Usa el buen juicio para tomar decisiones

Insignia de Respeto


Trata a otros como te gustaría ser tratado

Insignia de Gratitud


Aprecia la amabilidad y generosidad de otros

Insignia de Auto-control


Maneja tus emociones y comportamiento para mantener la calma

Insignia de Perseverancia


Persiste durante las dificultades hasta que alcances tu meta

Insignia de Valor


A pesar del miedo, haz lo que tú crees que es lo correcto

Insignia de Motivación


Motiva a otros para que confíen en ellos mismos

Insignia de Compasión


Ayuda y cuida a otros durante sus tiempos de necesidad

Insignia de Integridad


Haz lo correcto, honorable y bueno

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