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Dress Code

To enable students to reach high academic standards, the school has put in place a dress code designed to reduce distractions and competitions. Implementing a simple, flexible, cost effective dress code promotes student learning and increased academic instruction time. Interpretation of the Dress Code is at the principal and staff’s discretion, and their decision is final.

Personal Hygiene

The personal grooming of students should be in accord with the standards set by the uniform dress code. Students should be clean and neat when at school.

All Students

  • Writing or marking on skin is not permitted.
  • White, light blue, or navy, shirts with collars and sleeves (includes turtlenecks, long or short sleeves, cotton, or knit) must be worn. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. No more than two top buttons may be unbuttoned.
  • Brown, black, navy, or burgundy shoes, loafer type or casual dress, with heels no higher than one inch must be worn. Shoes must be closed-toed and closed-heeled. Solid color white, brown, navy, or black athletic/tennis shoes are permitted. Boots are not permitted. Shoes must be tied at all times. Shoelaces must be white, black, brown or navy to match the shoes.
  • Solid color navy, white, light blue, or burgundy crew-neck, v-neck sweaters, sweater vests, and cardigan sweaters may be worn over collared uniform shirts. Sweatshirts and jackets are not permitted inside the building, except for Queen’s Grant logo sweatshirts, fleece jackets, and pullover jackets.
  • Hats or head scarves of any kind are not permitted.
  • Extreme hairstyles are not permitted. Hair color for boys and girls must be of natural tones.
  • Clothing items shall not include logos or writing that exceeds one inch by one inch, except for the Queen’s Grant logo.
  • Cargo pants, if purchased from S’cool Outfitters, are allowed. They must have the Queen’s Grant logo.
  • Solid color belts that are black, navy, or brown and free of ornamentation must be worn with pants/shorts, etc. that have belt loops.
  • Solid color white, black, khaki, or navy socks must be worn. Socks must be tall enough to be seen at all times.
  • Queen’s Grant PE uniforms are optional and may be worn all day on PE days.  PE uniforms consist of t-shirt, shorts, sweatshirt, and sweatpants. Both top and bottom must be worn. Students may not wear PE uniform t-shirt with regular dress code pants.  PE uniforms are purchased from a vendor through the school.

Each month, students are permitted to wear jeans and college or Queen’s Grant shirts for $1 each. All money collected from these special days is donated to a predetermined charity or other worthy cause.
  • Denim jeans, skirts, jumpers, etc. are acceptable. Leggings are not permitted.
  • College shirts may be jerseys, t-shirts, or sweatshirts.
  • Queen’s Grant shirts may be "Invest in a Child" t-shirts, any Queen’s Grant field trip-related shirt, K-Team t-shirts, or other Queen’s Grant shirt.
  • Regular dress code shoes must be worn unless otherwise specified.

Occasionally, students may be rewarded with a Go NUTS, or​ No Uniform to School day. On these days, students may wear clothing of their choice that is appropriate in nature. Items not permitted include inappropriate/offensive language/pictures on shirts, spaghetti straps, tank tops, midriffs, halter tops, pajamas, etc. Shorts/skirts, etc. must fall no less than two inches above the knees.


  • Uniform style navy or khaki pants or shorts must be worn. Belts must be worn with trousers that have belt loops.
  • Hairstyles must be conservative with hair being cut above the collar and above the eyebrows.
  • Earrings and other body piercing ornaments are not permitted.
  • Undershirts must be solid white.


  • Solid color navy or khaki pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, or jumpers that are no less than two inches above the top of the knees must be worn.
  • White or navy tights must be worn.
  • No more than two pairs of earrings are permitted. Only ears may be pierced.
  • Undershirts, camisoles, and brassieres must be solid white or skin tone.
  • Makeup is not permitted.

Middle School Girls

  • Pantyhose are permitted with dress shoes.
  • Light makeup is permitted.

Middle School Boys

  • Coaches may require athletes to wear dress shirts and ties on game days. Shirts and ties must be uniform colors.

 Middle School Boys and Girls

  • Burgundy shirts may be worn.
  • Navy Queen's Grant sweatshirts are permitted.  First or last name may be added to the sweatshirt.  Nicknames or other symbols or slogans are not permitted.
In all cases, the principal is the sole determiner of dress code adherence. The dress code may be altered on special days as approved by the principal. If further clarification of the dress code is needed, please contact the school office for assistance.




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