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Businessmen and Women Train at Queen's Grant



Students at Queen’s Grant Community School have already learned the basics of business – and three years ahead of entering middle school at that.


Over the past few weeks, eighty-three third-graders learned how to make, market, and sell rice crispy treats, Dippin’ Dots, cookies, and cupcakes. The economics unit that conducted this project concluded it with a “store” of student items on April 5.


Sixth-graders who had already gone through the class mentored the third-graders on how to select their products, purchase ingredients, set a budget, and market their items. The third-grade students also talked with local community business leaders and gained their advice.


On the day of the Economics Fair, business owners in the community came by to shop and give guidance. Two speakers shared how to promote a business and appeal to different types of shoppers.


In addition to all the food items the students sold, there were also Popsicle stick airplanes, bookmarks, pillows, pencil toppers, galaxy goo, and key chains. And, each grade at the school had a chance to stop in and purchase items or play games such as Bottle Flip Challenge, Slime Catapults, and Football toss.


Students did a great job selling their products!

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