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Prevail Academy Helps Students Strive for Academic Excellence

Press Release


Prevail_Academics_pic 1.jpgMT. CLEMENS, Mich., Sept. 10, 2014—Preparing students for college readiness is a task the staff at Prevail Academy is dedicated to every day.

Teachers and administrators use a variety of learning techniques to ensure each student is reaching their full potential.
Principal Colleen Furman knows the instructional hours within a school day are not always enough for each student and sometimes additional help is needed to fully grasp a concept.
“We know that every child learns differently and offering a variety of learning tools is the best way to ensure success for each one of our scholars,” said Furman.
Prevail offers a variety of additional student resources to get them on the path to college readiness including intervention services in reading and math every day, after school tutoring, daily workshops, and take home packets over extended breaks.
Academic excellence, one of the school’s four pillars along with parental partnership, moral focus, and student responsibility, means that teachers are working closely with students to shape their critical thinking skills. The idea of academic excellence helps to cater to a variety of learning types and teachers know to put a strong emphasis math, reading, science, and social studies, the foundation of college readiness.
“Academic excellence is the collaboration between teachers, parents, students, and administration in order to lead our schools to the college readiness path. To put it simply, academic excellence is preparing our scholars to be critical thinkers who are prepared for college and careers.”
One of the ways the school promotes excellence is to have each student sign a commitment to excellence contract. This gives each student ownership in their education and a mutual understanding between teacher and student.
Prevail Academy is a free public charter school serving students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

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