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Código de Vestimenta

Un código de vestimenta flexible y efectivo en costo se ha establecido en nuestra escuela para promover el éxito académico y al mismo tiempo reducir las distracciones y competencia. Si requiere asistencia para comprar uniformes, por favor llame a la escuela.

All Students

Acceptable Dress Code and Uniform

  • Shirts need to be black with collars. Polo style, dress shirts, and blouses are preferred. Long or short sleeves, cotton or knit are acceptable. Boys' shirts must be tucked in all day.

  • Undershirts that are solid black or white are also acceptable in long or short sleeves.

  • Khaki, tan or beige slacks must be worn at the waist. Belts must be worn with boys' slacks. Girls may wear skirts, skorts, capri pants, or jumpers in khaki, tan, or beige.

  • Tights/knee high socks, and leggings of a solid color of black or white may be worn during the winter months under skorts and skirts only, not alone as pants. Students may wear khaki, tan, or beige shorts during warm weather months.

  • Clothing must fit the student neatly.

  • Students should come to school clean and neat.

  • Tennis shoes, flat boots, or dress shoes are acceptable. Black or white socks must be worn at all times.

  • Solid black sweaters or fleece vests are acceptable with collared shirts.

  • Coats and sweatshirt jackets must be taken off during the school day.

  • Hats and/or headscarves are only permitted as outerwear, to and from school.

  • Girls and boys can wear one pair of stud earrings. Girls can wear other jewelry in moderation.

  • Hair color must be of natural tones.

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All Students

Unacceptable Dress Code and Uniform

  • No stripes, polka dots, patterns, etc.

  • No colored shirts/tank tops under the school uniform shirt.

  • No midriff tops, tank tops, low cut V-neck or scoop neck tops can be worn at school.

  • No sagging or skin tight pants.

  • Sweat suits and pajama bottoms cannot be worn. Skirts, skorts, or jumpers must be longer than the fingers when arms hang at the student’s side or no more than three inches above the knee.

  • Clothing that is extra-large or tight and form fitting is not acceptable.

  • High heels, open toed shoes, shoes without backs, slip-ons and house shoes are not acceptable.

  • High heeled or platform boots cannot be worn during the school day.

  • No striped or patterned sweaters, socks, tights, shirts, leggings, undershirts or sweaters.

  • Hooded sweaters/sweatshirts and hooded outerwear are not allowed during school hours.

  • Hats and/or headscarves are not acceptable during the school day.

  • Hair color may not be colored, dyed or streaked. 

  • No loop or dangle earrings are permitted.

  • Clothing with objectionable or suggestive logos, characters, or wording is not acceptable. Wording that suggest violence or antisocial attitudes, racial comments, the advertisement of alcohol, drug and/or tobacco products are not considered appropriate. This includes dress down days.

  • Dress down days can be earned throughout the course of the year. When jeans are allowed, they must be free of holes and appropriate for school. All guidelines under the unacceptable category apply to dress down days.


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Physical Education Uniform

  • Uniforms are required for Grades 3–8 for Physical Education.

  • Uniform shirts are optional for grades K–2. If you choose to have your child in uniform, please have him/her wear the Pinnacle t-shirt as his/her uniform for the day.

  • A complete uniform includes a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

  • Parents are responsible for purchasing uniforms for their child/children.

  • Family Sports & Lettering will provide uniforms this year. 

  • If it is your child’s P.E. day, the uniform t-shirt can be worn as a school uniform shirt for the entire day.

  • Shorts must be worn under pants. After your child’s P.E. class, he/she may place his/her shorts in a book bag or locker.

  • Uniforms will be required in P.E. classes starting September 10.

Family Sports & Lettering

752 East 185th St.

Cleveland, OH 44119


Hours: Mon–Fri 10 a.m.–6 p.m.

Sat 10 a.m.–4 p.m.


Uniform Prices

T-shirt $7.50

Shorts $8.50

Sweatshirts $12.99

Sweatpants $14.99




Plus sizes are an additional charge