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School Lunch

National Heritage Academies (NHA) remains committed to ensuring students maintain a healthy and nutritious diet, no matter what learning scenario our schools are in. A good meal is key to providing the energy your child needs to do their best, and enrolled students are offered a nutritious breakfast and lunch at no cost through the Community Eligibility Program (CEP).

USDA Non-Discrimination Statement

In Person

Students return to traditional classroom learning environment

Students resume eating in their classrooms.
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Students learn at home on a virtual platform

Students/parents pick up meals through a contact-less area of the school building.
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Students receive a combination of in-person learning and remote instruction


Students eat in their classroom (those on-site) and food is distributed for home (students off-site).

  • If your student is in school Monday and Tuesday, they must pick up their meals for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on Wednesday. 
  • If your student is in school Thursday and Friday, they must pick up their meals for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday on Monday
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