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We never set limits on how much your child can achieve. At Oak Charter Academy we will create endless opportunities for your child to become their best. We will shape instruction to build on the strengths and abilities of each child and make moral focus lessons part of every school day. As a result, our students will thrive.

At Oak Charter we create endless opportunities for your child to become their best.

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Oak Charter Academy will offer grades K-5 in 2021, adding one grade (up to 8th) each year.

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We Are a Charter School

Are you seeking a "private" school education with the no-cost benefit of a public school? If so, you're in the right place. Oak Charter Academy is a tuition-free public charter school opening in 2021 to all children who live in North Carolina.

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Spotlight: Helping Readers at Home

No two children are alike – in their personalities, talents or interests. They also learn differently and at different speeds. Do you have a struggling reader at home? Take a look at these tips for helping children at home.
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We know there are a lot of factors in deciding where your child will go to school and we want to help. Use our live chat or leave your information and we will be in touch.

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We can’t wait to share your child’s journey! Apply online, in person, or over the phone and don’t hesitate to ask us questions along the way! We are here for you.

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