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Ross in Saginaw Joins North Saginaw Charter Academy to Provide School Supplies to Students

Ross Education


NorthSaginaw_Ross.jpgThe staff and students at the Saginaw, MI campus of Ross Medical Education Center recently were able to collect school supplies for

a local charter school and the attending students. Over the past couple of years, the campus has enjoyed building a great working relationship with North Saginaw Charter Academy, so the decision to make this school the recipient of the donated supplies was an easy one.

The school is a free public charter academy offering grades K-8 with a current enrollment of more than 450 students. Since opening its doors in 1999, the school has improved and enriched the lives of thousands of students and their families. Ross in Saginaw has loved the opportunity to partner with them in various past endeavors.


Frank Skinner, Saginaw’s Campus Director, said “North Saginaw Charter Academy has been very willing to host our graduation ceremonies and treated us so well that we wanted to return the favor to them.”


Throughout the month of August, a total of 539 items were collected. Some of these items included pens, crayons, notebooks, folders, binders, glue-sticks, etc. The Ross staff and students were very motivated to donate as the “back to school” shopping season was in full swing. No parent wants to send their child to school without their supplies, and Ross wanted to help them be prepared. To ensure that the students had what they needed from the beginning, Assistant Director of Education, Ginger Rezmer, and Campus Director, Frank Skinner, delivered the boxes of school supplies on the first day of school, September 2nd. The supplies will be disbursed, and those students who need supplies will have plenty to choose from.
Delivering the donations was an exciting time. The school’s office staff cheered as the items came in. “It’s nice to know that two schools can help each other out, even though their student bodies are of different age groups,” said Ginger Rezmer, Saginaw’s Assistant Director of Education. The staff and students at Ross in Saginaw already are looking forward to doing the school supply drive with North Saginaw Charter Academy again next year as well as finding other ways to work together to improve their community.

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