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Meet Principal Bosch

Mr. Bosch grew up learning the importance of education. His mother taught first grade for 32 years at Hamilton Community Schools in his hometown. He says that even though he grew up around teachers, he wasn’t a great student. His love of learning came much later.

“As I got to know my elementary teachers, they became the reason I enjoyed school and later went to college. I loved my teachers, but it wasn’t until I was actually graduated and got into college that I began to love education. Discovering a love for learning helped me become a much better student and begin to care about my education.”

Even though his appreciation for education was a slow burn, Mr. Bosch feels that the experience serves him well today. “When I talk with parents about their elementary or middle school aged student who is struggling – I get it. I’ve been there. I tell them, ‘your child may not love school now, but no matter what, we love them and want to help students be in school as much as we can.’”

One of Mr. Bosch’s favorite things about National Heritage Academies (NHA) is Moral Focus. “A lot of districts work to help embed character development into their districts, but at NHA, it’s so obvious you can’t miss it. I also love the cascading support teachers and administrators receive from NHA. They give us the same feeling you’d want for your students. If you’re willing to ask for help, there are plenty of people who are here to support you – teachers and students alike.”

And compassionate support is exactly what Knapp students and families can expect from Mr. Bosch. “All students can learn and grow, no matter where they come from. It’s my job to find out where they are and figure out the best way I can help them grow. We have the background and heart to care for our students. We want them to leave every day knowing they’re cared for.”