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Pies Fly on Pi Day at Hamtramck

On March 14, students at Hamtramck Academy celebrated Pi Day with a competition to see who could recite the most digits of Pi and throw pies.

Fifth graders practiced for two months to memorize the digits of Pi that represent the circumference of a circle. The students competed in a contest to see who could recite the most digits. This year’s winner recited more than 200 Pi digits.

“We have been doing this for six years and the students memorize more every year,” said Alex Felton, a sixth-eighth grade math teacher at Hamtramck, who organizes the event.

Students had an opportunity to donate $1 to be entered into a raffle to be able to throw a pie at a teacher. More than 16 teachers volunteered to get a pie in the face.

Throughout the day the students participated in a variety of other activities that introduced them to Pi.
The students had a great time!