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Students Deliver Baked Goods to First Responders in Honor of Sept. 11



Although today’s students were not born at the time, several NHA schools took time this week to remember one of the most horrific days in U.S. history – September 11, 2001.

At Greensboro Academy, groups of students and families delivered homemade cookies and cupcakes to area fire stations as thanks for their efforts as first responders. Students at the school also made cards for the first responders during their Moral Focus lessons, which included time for reflections on 9/11.

At Andrew J. Brown Charter Academy (AJB) students read books and watched videos about 9/11. The fourth graders watched a BrainPop video that explained the events of 9/11 in a kid-friendly format. The students then created red, white, and blue ribbons in honor of Patriot's Day and in memory of 9/11. A second-grade class at AJB read a book called “September 12th:We Knew Everything Would Be All Right.” As indicated in the title, the book – written by a group of students - shows that even the day after the tragedy, kids knew things would eventually be okay.

The second graders at AJB also watched a video that explained what happened that day. Afterwards students pointed out the heroes in the video: firefighters, police, dogs, or even just the ordinary people who helped others. The class brainstormed about what makes someone a hero and then identified heroes in their own lives. Several students talked about their parents being heroes and one student mentioned his uncle’s heroic service in the military. Later in the day, the students made an American flag craft and put their thoughts about heroes on paper.

At Walker Charter Academy, the Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts led the pledge of allegiance by the flag in front of the school office.

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