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Código de Vestimenta

Un código de vestimenta flexible y efectivo en costo se ha establecido en nuestra escuela para promover el éxito académico y al mismo tiempo reducir las distracciones y competencia. Si requiere asistencia para comprar uniformes, por favor llame a la escuela.

Por favor refiérase al Manual del Estudiante para la política completa del código de vestimenta.


All Students

  • Students must wear white, burgundy, navy or powder blue shirts that have collars and sleeves (includes mock turtleneck, long-or short-sleeved, cotton or knit). No logos other than school logos are permitted.  Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • Solid colored shoes: black, brown, grey, navy, tan or burgundy shoes (casual) must be worn.  Below the knee leather style dress boots are permitted.
  • Heels on shoes must be no higher than two inches.  Platform shoes or open-back shoes (e.g., clogs) are not permitted.
  • Cold weather attire may include solid-colored navy, white or burgundy sweaters or vests.  No sweatshirts are permitted in the classrooms unless they are Foundations spirit wear.  A collared shirt must be worn under sweaters and vests.
  • All students are encouraged to wear either college/university or Foundations shirts or sweatshirts on the first Friday of each month.  
  • Hats and head scarves are not permitted to be worn inside the building.  This provision does not apply to head coverings worn for religious reasons if the student applies for and receives approval from the school administration to wear such head coverings.
  • Extreme hairstyles and colored faux hair are not permitted.  Hair color must be of natural tones.  Feathers and hair extensions are not permitted.  
  • Sweatpants are not permitted.  No denim or jean material is permitted.  Belts must be worn with pants and shorts that have belt loops.
  • Pants, skirts, shorts, etc. must be worn at the waist.
  • No sagging pants or low riser pants or skirts are permitted.
  • Clothing wrapped around the waist is not permitted.
  • No ripped or torn clothing is permitted.
  • Necklaces should be tucked into shirts.  
  • Body piercing ornaments and visible tattoos of any kind of are not permitted.
  • Wearing, carrying, and displaying gang paraphernalia, names, signs, or symbols of gang membership are prohibited.
  • The Foundations crest can be embroidered on most items and is encouraged, but not required.
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  • Boys must wear khaki or navy blue pants or shorts.  Shirts must be tucked into pants or shorts at all times.
  • Boys must wear solid-colored socks that are white, navy, black or khaki.


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  • Girls must wear khaki or navy blue pants, skorts, shorts or capris that are no more than four inches above the knees.
  • Skirts or jumpers must be khaki, navy blue, burgundy or burgundy plaid and also should be no more than four inches above the knees in length.
  • Dresses must be powder blue, navy blue, khaki or burgundy and abide by the length restrictions of skirts.
  • Solid-colored socks and tights that are white, gray, burgundy, black, navy or khaki are permitted.
  • Designs on tights and socks are not permitted.
  • Two sets of small earrings are allowed.  Only ears may be pierced.
  • A maximum of two bracelets on each arm.  
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Sports Wear or After School Activity Wear

  • Shirts and/or blouses must not be see-through.  Undergarments must not be visible.
  • Shirts/blouses must have sleeves.  Shirts must reach the waistline at all times.
  • Clothing that promotes tobacco, alcohol, drug use and/or violence is not permitted.
  • Clothing that promotes obscenity, profanity, self-deprecation and/or implies sexuality is not permitted.
  • Words written on the backside of any pants, shorts, or skirts are not permitted.
  • Wearing, carrying and displaying gang paraphernalia, names, signs or symbols of gang membership are prohibited.


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