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Dress Code

To enable students to reach high academic standards, the school has put in place a dress code designed to reduce distractions and competitions. Implementing a simple, flexible, cost effective dress code promotes student learning and increased academic instruction time. Interpretation of the Dress Code is at the principal and staff’s discretion, and their decision is final.

Personal Hygiene

The personal grooming of students should be in accord with the standards set by the uniform dress code. Students should be clean and neat when at school.

All Students

Students are expected to abide by the following uniform dress code guidelines:

  • Students should wear appropriate clothing that is neat, clean, and modest. Hair styles and jewelry must also be neat, clean, and modest. Hair should not impede others from seeing a student’s eyes, nor should it cause a disruption because of the lack of a professional appearance. Unnatural hair color dyes should not be used.
  • Jewelry in any body area involving piercings should not be worn outside of ears for girls.
  • Halter tops, tank tops, muscle shirts, sweat suits, spandex items, spaghetti strap shirts, or any clothing items that show bare midriff are not permitted.
  • Shorts, skirts, and jumpers must extend to within three (3) inches above the knees or lower, even if tights or leggings are worn underneath.
  • Hats, bandanas, and outdoor boots may not be worn in the building.
  • T-shirts may not have anything printed on them that might be offensive to others. Because of this, clothing with writing involving music groups and television and movie references should not be worn. A principal’s judgment is final in this matter.
  • Pajamas and slippers should not be worn at school unless it is a special "pajama day" as directed by the school.
  • Low or immodest neck lines are not permitted.
  • Shoes with wheels are not permitted.
  • Pants must fit appropriately and may not be too tight, too loose, or have holes that would be deemed immodest. Pants should be worn at the waist and not worn in a "sagging" fashion.
Students may be sent home to change their clothing if it is in violation of these guidelines. Stronger discipline measures are taken if they continue to violate the uniform dress code.


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