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Código de Vestimenta

Nuestro código de vestimenta es flexible, asequible y está diseñado para fomentar el éxito. Con menos distracciones y competencia, nuestros estudiantes pueden concentrarse mejor en la escuela.


Shirts/tops must cover the shoulders with at least three inches of material.

Shirts with low or immodest necklines are not permitted. Open shirts/tops must cover all but 3 inches below the bottom of the throat.

Shirts/tops must not be “see-through.”

Shirts must be long enough to reach the waistline. When arms are raised, no midriff can be exposed.


Shorts dresses, and skirts must be longer than 4 inches above the kneecap.

Leggings, tights, yoga pants and similar attire are not to be worn as outerwear.  If worn, these should be covered to within 4 inches of the kneecap.

Pants and shorts, including denim jeans, must be in good repair and fitted at the waist.

Sagging or low-cut pants and pants with words on the seat of the pants are not permitted.

Pajama bottoms are not permitted. Athletic/exercise pants/shorts are not permitted (in middle school only). 

No undergarments may be visible

Hats & Accessories

Shoes must be worn at all times.

Slippers are not permitted.

Outerwear boots may not be worn inside the building.

Hats, sweatbands, bandanas or head coverings may not be worn inside the building.

Students may not wear sunglasses inside the building.


All clothing must fit appropriately.

Offensive language, symbols, or innuendos are prohibited on all clothing.

Hairstyles or accessories that become a distraction to the learning environment are not permitted.

Interpretation of the Dress Code is at the principal and staff’s discretion, and their decision is final.
All teachers have the power to enforce this dress code. The final judgment of the principal is binding in this matter.