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Alumni Spotlight Saveem Afraz



Name: Saveem Afraz        

NHA School: Canton Charter Academy

High School: Harmony School of Advancement

College: University of Houston

Favorite NHA memory?

The traditional sixth-grade trip to Cedar Point was an out-of-this-world experience. I was new to Canton Charter Academy (CCA) that year and ending it off with a bang with all my new friends was great. It was my first time going to an amusement park of this level, and I will always thank CCA for granting me my adrenaline rush.

What were you involved in outside the classroom?

Saveem Afraz2.jpg

I was very focused on excelling in school, so I joined whatever fit my interests. This included student council, National Junior Honor Society, and cross country.


How do you feel your NHA school prepared you for high school/college?

CCA always made us ready for the real world. Teachers would constantly remind us of our expectations in middle school and how they would carry on to high school, college, and beyond. However, instead of simply just telling us, teachers would always teach us what we needed to know.


Did you feel talking about college from such a young age helped your college ambitions? 

I enjoyed being surrounded by like-minded students. We were all very goal-oriented and driven to succeed. I was in an environment where my desire to go to college was matched by my friends, so having the conversation about college was always one of hope.


What advice would you give to current NHA students?

Remember to always have fun! School is extremely important, but so is your well-being. Do things you enjoy now and don’t let problems seems to be bigger than they are. Take advantage of being a kid!

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