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Principal Shares Five Fun Apps for March is Reading Month

Press Release


BURTON, Mich., March 10, 2015—During March is Reading month schools across the country are incorporating fun ways to promote literacy in the classroom, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Burton Glen Charter Academy Principal DeNesha Rawls-Smith shares five fun reading apps students can enjoy at home.
Since every student learns differently, reading apps provide an online option to encourage reading. The apps can engage students with interactive games and skills test that make learning fun.
“A nice benefit of using an app is that students can focus on an area where they are trying to grow whether it is spelling, grammar, or comprehension,” said Rawls-Smith. “There is also a convenience factor in that you have a library of book options at your fingertips.”
Here is a list of popular reading apps that can be downloaded on a mobile device.
1.    Reading Eggs – This app focuses on sight words and phonics, and can be customized for each child’s individual pace. Readers are offered rewarded along the way which makes them want to come back again and again. (K-2)
2.    Read Me Stories – An app that allows you to create a virtual library on your mobile device. You can establish your child’s reading level and then each day four new books are added for children to read on their own. (K-2)
3.    Question Builder – This app is designed to develop critical thinking skills and comprehension by helping children learn to answer abstract questions and create responses based on inference. (K-5)
4.    iTooch – This app helps children develop their reading comprehension with quizzes, speed tests, and a reward system to keep them motivated. (K-8)
5.    Reading Trainer – An app designed for middle school students to help them increase their reading speed and retention rate at the same time. (6-8)
“Even though the apps are used on a mobile device, parents can still be actively involved by watching their child play the games or take the quizzes so they can support the additional practice at home,” said Rawls-Smith.
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