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Buffalo United Students Compete in New York Drill & Step Championship

Students from Buffalo United Charter School competed in the 2019 New York State Drill-A-Rama Drill and Step Championship, in which students from across Buffalo come together from both school teams and independent teams to compete in the annual competition.

The school had two teams, 12 students from third- through fifth-grade, and 12 from sixth- through eighth-grade. Both teams met three days per week for their normal practice, and leading up to the performance, the students ramped up their schedule to practice every day.

“Being on the drill team and participating in Drill-O-Rama gave the scholars a chance to look forward to coming to school and wanting to succeed,” said Ms. Shana Webster, drill team leader and sixth-grade math teacher at Buffalo United. “It also gave them an opportunity to be a leader within their team. Each girl brought something special to the team.”

The teams walked away with five awards including: 

  • First Place 3-5th Drill-A-Rama.
  • First Place 6-8th Drill-A-Rama.
  • Best Captain.
  • Best Dressed.
  • Most Outstanding.

To participate on the team, the scholars must maintain a strong academic record, an average of 80% in each core class, in addition to their commitment to the extra-curricular.

“The scholars are always very enthusiastic, prepared, and excited to participate in Drill-A-Rama,” said Webster. “The scholars worked extra hard and put their all into every practice because they know that I have high expectations for them to try their very best in everything that they do.”

This year was the second year that Buffalo United sent students to compete. Last year, the school sent one team of 12 students, who won second place, Best Captain, and Most Outstanding.

“I believe being on the drill team also gives the girls confidence in themselves, and to know that they can achieve anything that they set their minds to,” said Webster.

Watch Buffalo United's Middle School Drill Team perform here, and the third- through fifth-grade team perform here.