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Two Ohio Schools Join Forces to Serve Their Community

Following inclement weather throughout the Midwest last week, many schools in Michigan and Ohio were forced to close. During that time, Bennett Venture Academy was scheduled to host a National Heritage Academies Leadership Summit, which also was canceled at the last minute.

Food for the training event had already been purchased, so instead of allowing the food to go to waste, school leadership decided to put the food to good use by donating it to a local shelter.

Tequoia Dixon, admissions representative at Bennett Venture Academy, reached out to two NHA principals from the area to create a plan. The group decided to not only take the food to the Family House, the largest shelter in Northwest Ohio, but also to serve it and spend time getting to know the families.

Nicolette Whitson, principal at Bennett Venture Academy, and Nathan Preston, principal at Winterfield Venture Academy, donned hairnets and set off to serve their community along with Whitson’s daughter Ava, all equipped with ladles and spatulas.

“It was the most amazing last-minute activity that we have had the pleasure of being part of,” said Dixon. “I was thrilled the team joined me in the blistering cold as we did what made our hearts feel good.”