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Meet Bennett Executive Principal Tammy Whiting

Tammy Whiting always knew she wanted to become a teacher. “Literally since kindergarten, any time someone would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I would say ‘be a teacher.’”
When it comes to her career, Ms. Whiting describes her experience as “extremely well-rounded because I understand a variety of aspects about education.” This is largely due to the fact that she’s never worked in a “traditional” public school setting.
Ms. Whiting began her professional career working two years in a residential facility for disabled 18-21 year olds, many with autism. She then transitioned to an elementary school and served as a reading coordinator for several years. She later moved to Buffalo and became an assistant principal for one year before taking over the principal role. After a classroom incident with a student left her unable to walk for six months, she seriously considered trying a different career path, but found everything else to be lacking. Teaching is her true passion, so she came to join us at NHA.
“I really appreciate the dean model because they’re in place to coach teachers to be better every day. Most schools have a principal and assistant principal, but deans give the teachers more support, empowering the teachers to give great support to the students.”
In her free time, Ms. Whiting likes to travel and run races. She also likes experimenting with new foods. She and her significant other recently traveled to India and met the Dali Lama. “He’s very peaceful and his teachings are so down to earth.” The couple have four children between them.