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Bennett Venture Academy Launches a Top Frog Program

To encourage positive behavior in the classroom and the hallways, school leaders at Bennett Venture Academy (BVA) gathered to pilot a new Top Frog program during the 2019-20 academic year.

The program provides a fun incentive for students to display the positive behaviors expected of them while at school. Each week the various grade-level teams get together to nominate one student who is displaying positive behavior, doing well academically, making improvements, and consistently following the social contract and monthly Moral Focus virtues.

Each nominated student then receives a fun, neon green Hawaiian Lei to wear for the week to display their accomplishments.

“Mr. Jackson and I wanted to create an award system for the positive behaviors we see in our school, that are sometimes overlooked,” said John C. Batson III, achievement and behavior specialist at Bennett Venture Academy.

Top Frog will continue throughout the year, and every Monday the new Top Frogs will be announced during morning announcements. The program leaders will then meet the students in their classrooms to present them with their Top Frog Lei.

“The students are encouraged to wear the lei all week to show their peers what positive behavior in and out of the classroom looks like,” said Batson. “By seeing their classmates wearing the lei and receiving positive attention, we are sure that this will affect other students to act in a positive way.”

Pictured below are the first-ever Bennett Venture Academy Top Frogs!