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Dress Code

The dress code at Apex Academy is flexible, affordable, and designed to encourage student success. With less distractions and competition, our scholars can focus better in school. If you need help paying for uniforms, please call us at the front office to discuss options. 





Navy blue or black long or short-sleeve polo


Navy, black or khaki 

Dress code violations will result in a Level 3 on the discipline chart and students will be given a lunch detention. Repeated violations will result in ISS. Dress down days are at the discretion of the administration.



Shoe, belt, and tie illustration


Shoes must be loafer style, dress shoes, tennis shoes, boots, or closed toed sandals.

Belts, if worn, must be plain solid black, navy blue, or brown.

Tights and leggings worn underneath uniform bottoms must be solid navy blue or black.

Students may also wear solid navy blue or black sweaters and vests.

More Details

Our complete dress code policy can be found in the Parent and Student Handbook.