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George Washington Carver Peace Garden

The George Washington Carver Peace Garden sprouted this summer at Andrew J. Brown and is now being used to teach science, math, and beautify the campus. 

Staff and students have also begun to enjoy consuming some of the harvest for themselves and their classrooms.

Zucchini and cilantro are in the front of the school, pumpkins and watermelon plants are behind the media center and the middle school wing, tomatoes are in buckets on the south end of the parking lot and Sunflowers are popping up along the road.

Teachers are encouraged to bring their students out to view the stages of the plants for science lessons. 

"The zucchini stand should keep giving yield all the way up through the first frost," said Matt Arrant, an ELL teacher at the school who started the garden. "We are looking to clear out all of the cilantro to give away to staff or parents to make room for the overflowing zucchini. We will save one cilantro plant to flower and turn to coriander seeds so the students can watch the stages of a flower. 

"Hopefully, the embryos of a pumpkin and watermelon will form soon and the students will get to witness the growth of a fruit from start to finish!"